V Royal Tarara Beach

Terms and Conditions

Booking confirmation
The reservation is confirmed only with the payment of the deposit, corresponding to 30% of the total amount.

From booking up to 60 days before arrival, 100% of the amount previously paid will be refunded.
Between 60 and 30 days before arrival, the amount paid previously will be refunded except the deposit, equal to 30% of the total amount.
Less than 30 days before arrival the total amount paid will not be refunded.

Please note that the “arrival day” starts at 0:00 local time.

It applies:
to those who have booked direct through this the website
to the Classic rate only
If the cancellation is notified up to 30 days before arrival
If the above criteria are met, guests can move their stay to different dates without losing their deposit, provided it’s within the same year of the original booking.

Security deposit
Please note that when you check in you will be asked for an amount of 300 euro/usd or alternatively a credit card. In the last case, please note that the credit card number is only used as a guarantee, i.e. if you do not comply with the terms and conditions, V Royal is authorized to charge your credit card with the corresponding cost. No charges are made before.